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Posted by Rae on September 13, 2011 at 5:05 PM

I was recently asked to create a hasty wedding cake for a client and friend. Was this another Vegas drive-thru wedding or a mad dash to the altar before the maternity ward? No. This was a young man's dying wish. Before you say that he wanted to marry the love of his life--go younger.

Let's step back from the last wish to the person behind the wish. He isn't some angelic creature, he is a boy. A boy suffering from cancer. A boy suffering from colon cancer. Colon cancer that is said to affect the aged and elderly-striking down a 13-year-old boy. The prognosis for colon cancer in children is not so good. According to a study by the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, childhood colorectal cancer tumors are more aggressive and the disease is often diagnosed in later stages than adults are. Why no early detection? Because of the very small number of cases. Some attribute it to 2-3 cases per every 15-20 million children. That is indeed a low number. So low, that it does not merit the examination of millions of unaffected children. So, in a nutshell, children with colorectal cancer often lose their battle with the disease.

The young man in this story is only 13 years old and after years of suffering from one form of cancer after another, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Now, he gets to make his final wish. And what is his final wish? It is not for himself, but for his parents. To give them a REAL wedding and for him to play the trumpet. What a guy!

Most parents would be happy to raise an adult child that can put someone else above themselves. Frankly, most of us are no good at being selfless. It takes effort, prodding and constant affirmation of our "good nature". But a truly selfless act looks for no recognition, seeks nothing in return, and only looks for the interest of others. This young man's parents have managed to do in 13 years what only some can do in a lifetime--they raised a MAN. A man who can see how important things like love and family are. A man who finds his delight, not in his own selfish interest, but in that of the other person. A man who adheres to all the wonderful qualities that make humans truly unique.

What makes these children so brave, so special, and so precious? Is it because they can see the beauty in life for the brief moment they are here? Do they show us the preciousness of every day? Are they a reminder of how fragile our health is and how fleeting life can be? To every question, I answer yes. Children like these are the small tap on the head to let go and not take it all so serious. Be happy everyday that you wake up in reasonable health with the ability to live the life you choose. Hold on to your convictions and have the courage to do what you can to leave this world a little better than you entered it.

For these reasons, I was overjoyed to make a cake for this couple, and their trumpet-playing dear one. To reaffirm a family's love and devotion to one another. Whether it last a few years or a lifetime-Love is perfect bond of union that never fails.


UPDATE: I was recently informed that the boy lost his battle with cancer this week. After the wedding, he wanted to return home from Hospice, but sadly he never made it. My condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young boy.

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