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Posted by Rae on April 7, 2014 at 8:35 PM

It is with much happiness that I announce that Love the Cake is expanding its availability! I have been doing this as a side gig for a long time and finally I realized that I am just not happy when I am not baking. I need to get in gear and make this "baking thing" happen. This is something I cannot do without your help. I need you to spread the word and help me generate business. The baking world is a tough nut to crack but I can see the light coming through. Little by little I am making headway. 

Please check out my Facebook page and Etsy page to purchase custom edible dessert toppers. We are also making Easter/Spring baskets throughout the month of April starting at $15 a piece. All custom with lots of goodies available!

Are you interested in creating your own cupcakes and decorating? I am available to teach small classes in cup cake decorating in your home. A cup cake decorating class is a great way to break the ice at a party.

Are you having a tea party or princess party?I am available to bring teacakes, petit fours, chocolate truffles, mincakes, and sugar cookies for you party.

Please e-mail, call, or fill out the inquiry form for more information.

As always, thanks for you generous support!


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